Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Mini- Vacation

We've been so bogged down, what with the extended trip out to see The Big Guy's mom, our new "lifestyle" with him being home 24/7 with me (I'm SURE we'll eventually find a routine) and obligations and commitments, in general, that we really haven't done much "fun" stuff this summer, yet. It dawned on us, summer is now more than half over!!! (It looks like we'll soon be heading West again to be with his mom a bit more, so there goes most of the rest of the season.)

We decided to try to escape for a night or two this weekend. So, we're off to the AmeriServe Flood city Music Festival in Johnstown, PA. We'll be enjoying some great music and festival foods, time with close friends and, hopefully, some cooler and more comfortable mountain air.

The car's loaded, those holding down the home front have their instructions and we're ready to go.

See y'all on Monday. Go out an have a great weekend, too. Summer's too short to waste!

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Tins and Treasures said...

Good Morning,
Have a wonderful time and a safe trip. See you Monday. ~Natalie