Tuesday, August 2, 2011

At the Track...

I love to watch the races. No betting on my part, just watching. In fact I tend to have an uncanny ability to pick those entries who will come in last and maybe next to last.

What ? You don't have Goose Races where you are ?

Seriously, it's really hard to pick a winner. They ARE flock animals. If one wanders off in the wrong direction, they ALL follow. (The Finish Line in these pics is to the right!)

Actually, this is a beautiful track for thoroughbred horses - Delaware Park, in Wilmington, DE. The middle shot above shows the beautiful pond in the center of the track where many, many ducks and geese thrive. The track area is surrounded by a fantastic golf course. I love to go sit in the stands just to watch the elegant and majestic horses. They are truly gorgeous animals.

It's a great way to work on a tan, too. Fairly comfortable seating with refreshments and clean restrooms close by. No sand in your shorts, either.

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