Sunday, June 7, 2009

The weekend that wasn't.

Well, it's been a somewhat relaxing weekend. We really didn't do much. We did have big plans but you know what they say about well laid plans.

Friday we had tough choices to make. There were three local free outdoor concerts in the evening and one, featuring one of our favorite bands, for only a few bucks. Well, it started out a rainy morning. They kept predicting it would stop "late in the day." That must be a relative term. In this case, it didn't stop until about 5 a.m. Saturday. So, about 5 p.m. we did make a decision. We threw a pizza in the oven and stayed put.

Saturday also had a number of choices as there were quite a few events happening within a reasonable distance. We set a few guidelines like we had to have something with solid parking as any fields in the area were definitely saturated and we don't off-road well in our mini van. We also needed to stay fairly close as we had plans for later that evening, so we chose a blues festival in a city park in one of Maryland's Washington, D.C. suburbs. We printed out the performance schedule and directions to the park and headed out. Sixty miles later we got a little lost but eventually found the park. We didn't however, find the festival.

I had gotten the listing off of the State's calendar of events which linked to the festival's website where I had printed out the band schedule and the directions. After riding around the park area for a bit, we carefully examined the paperwork and realized it was a schedule for "Saturday, June 7th." This Saturday was the 6th! There were signs up for an art affair of some kind in the park on Sunday (which did happen to be the 7th.)

I felt terrible about the wasted trip but The Big Guy was a good sport and we simply went to a restaurant in a mall near there for a great lunch. The Big Guy used to participate in craft shows in that mall over 25 years ago and had a favorite menu item there. We were just stunned to realize the place was still there! They even still had that item on the menu and it was as good as he remembered! On the upside, we had time to come home and relax before heading out for the evening. I even had time to fix up a tray of goodies to take with us. (Nobody ever complains when you show up with chocolate covered strawberries.) This plan actually went as expected and we had a great get-together for our little gang at a friend's house. The Big Guy worked all day Sunday so my big activity consisted of grocery shopping!

Sometimes we just seem to lead the most exciting life!!

So, how was your weekend?


Tins and Treasures said...

Disappointing that some of your plans fell through. But does sound like you found a great restaurant. And...your strawberries look delish.

It rained all weekend here too! Happy Monday ~Natalie

The Retired One said...

I love the "unplanned" weekends (or weekdays, that we are retired)...sometimes the unplanned things are the best ones that lead to many memories.
I love the gave me an idea of what to make for the next get-together!