Friday, June 5, 2009

Rainy days and Mondays... I mean Fridays!!!

It's raining. AGAIN !!!

You know, we live near the water so you can't go more than a block or two around here without seeing a boat or Sea-Doodle or other personal watercraft in someone's yard. This time of year, many folks in these parts just keep their boats in the water instead of trailering them back and forth but, I think, with all the rain this year, they're keeping them in their yards in case they need to float out!!!

From time to time over the years, you come across somebody who is actually building a boat in their yard. I was surprised to see the local Home Depot offering measurement instruments that actually show "cubits" but more shocked when I passed a house with a sign in the front yard looking for "mating pairs of any type of animals" . A neighbor says they're having trouble finding a pair of pandas and have had absolutely no leads on unicorns!

Seriously, I ran out to do some errands earlier today and it was raining so hard I decided to leave a few for another time and turned around and headed home. I decided to stop at Burger King for a take out lunch. (Something I only do every couple of weeks since I am no longer working.) I went swiftly through the drive-through and I headed home with my lunch only to find the low-lying underpass was flooding and I needed to detour. So much for warm fries!!

Later, when the rain let up a bit, I ventured out to Walmart. I have long held the belief that everyone who is certifiably crazy (and those that could be certified) go out for a drive on Fridays. On rainy, yucky Fridays, they take other crazy folks with them as passengers. Of course, to chat with said passengers, those drivers must use their hands and feel rude if they don't look directly at the person they are speaking with. So now, we have dozens of crazy people out there driving without holding the wheel and not looking where they are going and we wonder why traffic seems to crawl on these days!!

Oh, and EVERYONE, crazy or not, decided to shop at Walmart this afternoon! I know, because I saw them there. The first one I came across was trawling the parking lot for a"good" parking space. She reminded me of the woman in the commercial where the guy gets on the elevator and she won't let him push the button for his floor. She was driving up the middle of the aisle and when she would see someone either sitting in a car or walking toward a car, she would hesitate, start to pull to the side to wait for them and then seemed to change her mind and pull back out toward the center, making sure no one could pass her. After all, there might be a space closer to the store and we could get to it before her!

Once I got past her, I found a semi-decent spot in another lane only a short hike from the store. I did, however, have to laugh when the girl who pulled out of that spot before me proceeded to back all the way down the lane (a long way) to avoid driving around the loop to exit the lot. Some folks just have to complicate their lives!

I trotted in, got what I went for and zoomed out through the speed checkout. When I got back to my car, I was stunned to see a bus parked in the space next to mine. Now, we're not talking over-sized van or mini-bus, we're talking a regular size bus like a school bus! Only it was white. If you're thinking, "Wow, they must have big spaces," we don't. In fact, I not only couldn't get my door open to get in, I couldn't even walk between the two vehicles. I really was not in the mood to climb across from the passenger side but I had no choice. This body is a bit too old and decrepit to easily slide over a console and get comfy that way! It was also a little scary backing out with absolutely no sight line. The bus stuck out more than halfway across the aisle. One has to wonder why the driver did not feel this could be a dangerous situation. I was not in a good mood as I pulled out of there.

There I was, in a more than grumpy mood, when I stopped at a light and glanced into the police car next to me. There was this big gruff-looking deputy, happily licking away at what appeared to be an all-day sucker, complete with colorful stripes!! I had to smile. He turned and gave me a grin that could only be likened to that of a happy 3-year-old. Something told me, his rainy day had probably not gone any better than mine but he was making the best of it! I went home with a smile on my face.

When I got home, I was ecstatic to find I had a sale while I was gone! Surprisingly, it was a regular sale not one based on the special I'm running.

Which brings me to the special sale again...

My FREE shorts with the purchase of any onesie sized 12 months or smaller goes on through midnight tonight. There are quite a few to choose from. If you're interested, check out my shop and be sure to include the promo code "RS Sale" in the Message to Seller area when you order.

Rain, Rain, Go Away -- Today, please!!!

Well, our original plan was to go hear some live outdoor music tonight. We actually had four choices of where to go and three were free. This rain has definitely put the damper (pun intended) on that plan! Looks like Plan B might require me to create a dinner here at home. That definitely, wasn't in my plan! They said it should stop late in the day and tomorrow should be beautiful. Well, late must be a relative term.

My concern now, is picking an activity for tomorrow that involves a paved parking lot. I doubt there's a field in the State that should be driven on by anything other than a 4-wheeler or tractor tomorrow!!

Hopefully, y'all have exciting plans for the weekend and good weather flowing your way. Enjoy!!


Tins and Treasures said...

We are actually having beautiful weather here and could even use a little rain. Yes, our WalMart is usually packed with people. Have a great weekend. ~Natalie

Tins and Treasures said...
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Tins and Treasures said...
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Angela said...

I love this post! I can't believe that someone would park a bus at Wal-Mart!! I thought I had seen it all...but I haven't seen that one (yet)

...and the deputy and sucker- I would have smiled too!

Ramblin Mama said...

If only I'd had my camera with me!!!