Thursday, June 4, 2009

New items and a 2-Day Sale !!!

Feeling kind of blah today - I think it's the weather.

We had a couple of great days but with fairly heavy rain at night the last few nights. Then, this morning dawned bright but gets dimmer as the day goes on. The sky is now gray and heavy looking. I find my moods are very susceptible to the weather these days and, no, not just because I can now forecast rain by the creaks in my knees. (Although, I can!)

I've tried to behave myself today and pulled myself off the keyboard to do some constuctive things like housework, laundry and more. I did, however, spend some time on the Etsy forums and on Twitter after checking my e-mails. I added some things to my Etsy shop and then promoted them a bit. I also started a sale that I also promo'd here and there.


First things first - I added this adorable Ladybug T-shirt to the shop. It comes in children's sizes 2 - 16. As I mentioned the other day, I need to keep in mind that my "repeat" customers that bought for babies now have growing children to buy for and I need to offer them some choices to keep them coming back. For this reason, I'm trying to build up some larger sized inventory beyond toddler sizes. (Interested in purchasing this item? Just click on the link.)

I'm not a big fan of relisting just to move an item to the forefront. I tend to believe it's a waste of money and, literally, doubles the listing fee. That said, I relisted the Big-Mouthed Fish T-shirt today but I had an excellent reason! The Etsy system does not allow a single listing to appear in two separate categories and my original listing for this shirt was in the Children's clothing category but I offered it in both kids' and adult sizes. I wanted to promo it for a possible Father's Day gift but anyone pulling it up would definitely think I was referencing a child's item so I needed to list it a second time just to show it as an adult's item. Now I can confidently promote it for Father's Day. I'm even suggesting folks consider it as a Father/Son combo set especially if Dad is trying to teach Junior to fish with him!
And now ...

I'm having a 2-Day Sale this week!!

With every individual onesie, sized 12 mo. or smaller, purchased today, 6/4, and tomorrow, 6/5, I'll throw in a matching pair of shorts for FREE. (Yes, those shorts will include some embellishment.) When you turn a onesie into a 2-pc set, it becomes a really attractive shower gift or "Welcome New Baby" gift. To participate in this sale, go to my shop, Splashin, and select the onesie of your choice. Proceed through the purchasing process and when you list the size in the Message to Seller, include this sale code: "RS-Sale" This sale code is just for you, my blog readers.

Here's just a few of the onesies you can choose from:

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