Monday, November 9, 2009

Finally Home!!!

Just a quick note, to say "Hi !"----

Two weeks away from home (and without internet access) can seem like a decade. I missed y'all! We finally rolled into the old homestead late Saturday night after two days on the road.

We were tired. (I'm still tired.) It took all day yesterday and most of today to regroup. I didn't make it online until very late last night and then only to check the important e-mails. (I have a ton of emails to work through.) I still have some calls to make, mail to process, grocery shopping to do and orders to get busy on tomorrow. (Orders are good.)

Our trip was full of family time and fairly uneventful. For the first time, we took some time to do some touristy things while enroute to and from Nebraska. We've always been in such a time crunch that we've never taken time to stop along the way. I'll have to tell you about the stops in a later post or two. While there, I attended a great craft show that I'll tell you about on Wednesday.

We were pleasantly surprised to find some of those lingering household maintenance chores had magically been done while we were gone! The good fairies had even done some housework while we were gone. Oh, and there were no new holes in the front yard (like last time)!

On the other hand, I was a bit disappointed when I got home to find no one entered the funny caption contest this time so there will be no prize awarded for this one. Maybe I'll have to think up another contest for this holiday prize I planned.
I guess the good balanced out the bad, though.

To quote one of our family optimists, "It's all good."

Glad to be home and will get back on track with my postings tomorrow.

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