Monday, May 18, 2009

"I feel good!'

Just wanted to share one more of those gray-sky beach pictures from the weekend!
"I feel good!" I got a lot done today.

Today was one of those "behind the scenes" kind of work day.

I'm still tweaking those promotional items I told you about the other day. I've got one definite and I'm still on the fence about the other two designs, not to mention the two others I have yet to sketch out. I did do some work on those today.

I had a considerable amount of research to do for a couple of articles I'm working on. As they finish and are published, I will tell you about them. All are craft related. I did complete one of the drafts and need to go back and polish it up tomorrow.

I've just about finished Part IV of the Craft Show Marketing Series. That should run here on Wednesday. This one deals with creating an eye-catching and deal-sealing display booth, hopefully, without breaking the bank.

I finished a few new products but didn't get the photos done today. I hope to get them in my Etsy shop within a few days.

For my final act of the day - I dug into my "Rethink Box." That's a box I toss my non-sellers into and then, from time to time, go back and try to rethink the presentation or change the product in some way to make it more marketable. In most cases, I do manage to do something different and put it back in the marketplace and it does sell. The funny thing is, that's usually the thing someone thinks is fantastic and wants it in other sizes or colors. too. i managed to rethink two items. One is going to simply be presented in a new way and the other is being altered and changed a bit.

I think it was a good day, all in all. (Very productive.)

So, what can you accomplish today? (Do you have a "Rethink Box" too?)


TheClayMuse said...

productive days are the best! love the photo!

PamperingBeki said...

The nice thing about jewelry is that if it doesn't sell after a certain time, I just cut it apart and do something different with it.