Saturday, May 30, 2009

Another day at the winery and more new merchandise

Oh, Wow! What a fantabulous day! The weather could not be better.

Once again we went to a music thing at a winery! (We must be becoming winos!!) Actually, we only went through one bottle between us. (And it was a different winery!)This time we were at Boordy Vineyards in northern Baltimore County (MD). You can bring in anything non-alcoholic, so we also had water, iced tea and sodas. The Big Guy's brother and s-i-l joined us and a couple of friends of hers. There was live Jimmy Buffet style music and several thousand of our closest friends! In fact, one of our "bestest" friends, seated next to us, shared some yummy homemade peanut butter fudge! (Actually, we all just met her when she passed
the tray with the fudge but we now love her. The fudge was terrific!)

A local creamery was there with fantastic, smooth and delicious ice cream. The Big Guy couldn't resist and bought us all some to share. Those little plastic spoons couldn't cut it (no pun intended) for dipping, so they used a knife. We literally stabbed chunks of the ice cream to get it out and, for lack of bowls, we filled our wine glasses with ice cream. (No, we didn't make floats but it was discussed.) Hey, go with whatever it takes!
Okay, some did use regular plastic cups but I had mine in a wine glass!!

More new stock:

I did promise pics of more new products. I just posted this one in the shop today. It's official title is Hungry Kitty Apron. For details, click here. Let me know what you think of it.

Since all work and no play, makes for a really dull existence. I'm signing out and going out to play for a while.

Y'all have a great one!!!


Tins and Treasures said...

This looks like a fun way to spend a weekend...and your weather looks fantastic too. Take care ~Natalie

elsiee said...

I love strangers/friends who pass the fudge!! looks like a lovely way to spend the day!