Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Some people claim - it's a woman to blame!

Jimmy Buffett made news last night when it was announced he was released from an Australian hospital after taking a nose-dive off the edge of a stage while performing an encore at a concert in Sydney on Wednesday. He hit his noggin and was unconscious for several minutes. His sister reports he should make a full recovery and is on his way home. Now maybe we know why he stayed away from Australia for so long (20 years)!!

Let's get him back to Margaritaville, so we can nurse him back to health ourselves!

We love you Jimmy and wish you a speedy recovery!!

Speaking of the Keys, have you heard about the newest Florida Key this week - the new piano bar in Biscayne Bay?? Seems a baby grand piano (and its bench) suddenly appeared on a sandbar out in the middle of the bay. No one knew where it came from or how it got there. Best mystery of 2011 (so far) !!

My husband quickly hypothesized the thought that this was the ultimate in property distribution in a nasty divorce battle (War of the Roses style). He pictured one spouse taking the other's most prized possession and placing it out there for him/her to go claim themselves. (Let this be a warning to me, should we ever need to divide up our possessions!!)

It remained a mystery for several days while the media pleaded for someone to come forward and tell the tale. Surprisingly, several folks tried to take credit but only one guy has the video to prove it. Seems an enterprising 16-year-old wanted to make a convincing video for his art institute application. The plan was cooked up by him and a few friends at a New Year's Eve party. They hauled the piano from a family member's home (with permission, it turns out) and placed it on the bow of the family boat. (He did get Dad involved in this part of the stunt.) They then hauled it out to the sandbar and unloaded it there where he completed his filming.

The story lost some of it's mystique when we learned his Dad is involved in film production and the piano was an old film prop with no innards, making it much lighter to move. Once the mystery was solved, the Government ordered them to go back and remove it as it is a felony to litter the waterway. If removed within a given time (24 hours) they were waiving the fine and actual criminal charges. Last I heard, they were heading the boat toward the sandbar.

Proves even bureaucrats can take a good joke (occasionally) !!!

The Mid Atlantic was slammed by more snow than expected this morning but a group of strong, buff college men made a lot of folks happy as they awoke to the white stuff. Seems Coach Donald Hill-Eley, the football coach at Morgan State University (in Baltimore), ordered his players to go out into the neighboring community and shovel walks and clean off cars early in the morning as a good well gesture towards the community.

Morgan is a campus in the heart of a city neighborhood made up of many rowhouses (an old term for red brick attached townhomes). The only residential parking in this neighborhood is curbside and, anyone who has ever lived in this type of community knows, it's always at a premium. A few months back, the campus was doing some renovating and the closest parking lots were unavailable to the phys ed buildings. Students wandered into the closest neighborhood to park instead of using the lots farther across campus. As expected, tempers rose among the homeowners when they could not park within blocks of their homes. A resolution was eventually reached but there were still some hard feelings out there.

Amazing what a nice clean parking space can mean in a snow storm!! Went a long way toward reestablishing peaceful relations!

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