Friday, January 28, 2011

Barbie Gets The Last Word !

Okay, I finally finished the Barbie Music Room. Of course, it didn’t fit into any standard U.S. Post Office issued box. I was hoping it would go into the Medium Flat Rate for cost purposes, but no such luck. The Large Flat Rate box is more square and couldn’t accommodate the length and width of the flat pieces. So, I searched for a more fitting box (pun intended). It did fit perfectly in an Old Gran-Dad Whiskey box we had in the basement.
I carefully packed it in, made sure there was a shipping address in the box as well as on the outside and taped the heck out of it. (I’m known for excess tape jobs at my local Post Office.) I trotted right down to the local P.O. to get it mailed.

They refused the box. Seems you can’t mail in a box that was ever used to ship any prohibited items and alcohol (as well as other liquids) is prohibited. I guess this would also pertain to empty Clorox cases, apple juice crates, etc. (I did not know about this regulation.) I asked if this was a new rule and she insisted it had been around for years. The particular clerk who waited on me has a snippy attitude at all times and loudly proclaimed I was breaking the law in attempting to mail in that box! This was the week after a number of mail bombs were shipped to State offices in our area and I got quite a few stares from those waiting in line. I slunked out in embarrassment.

Both The Big Guy and I remember mailing things in empty beer cartons and such in the past. We both carefully read the shipping regulations on the USPS site but were never able to locate this rule. I honestly looked for another appropriate box to no avail. I finally simply covered the box in brown paper, used another ton of tape on it and set out to mail it again.I live halfway between two Post Offices. (Neither services my home. That one is actually farther away.) I decided to go to the other one this time. I intended to ask about the box situation (after they accepted my wrapped box.) This particular branch is a small one and closes for an hour and 45 minutes for lunch each day and wasn’t open when I got there. I was so frustrated, I simply went to Postman Plus and sent it UPS. As it turned out, it only cost me 65 cents more than the Post Office would have and I got free delivery confirmation and insurance for that price.

I did ask there about the old alcohol box. He didn’t know the answer but suggested I call and ask the owner. I haven’t done that yet. Does anybody out there know the answer to this one?

Yep, Barbie gave that knife one more turn, didn’t she? (Actually, a shot of Old Grand-Dad would help ease the pain.)

Maybe by next year, K will have outgrown Barbies and I won’t be tempted to make her a different room.

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