Monday, December 13, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Everywhere you look, Christmas has taken over the scenery. Yep, drive down the road and you'll see Christmas decorations in most every yard. Billboards feature Santa and reindeer and such. Everyone is busy hanging tinsel and colored lights. Yes, it IS beginning to look a lot like Christmas - everywhere except in my house!Oh, there are a few touches (VERY FEW!!!). I have these great sparkly wreaths for the door and front windows that just require reaching in behind the curtains and hanging them. I have managed that.

As usual, I'm running behind. I KNOW there is still plenty of time before the big day - BUT... I have houseguests arriving in two days and I wanted to look festive. (Okay, in all fairness, we didn't get a lot of lead time on this one.) Oh, and then there's the fact that we'll be away for the weekend so there's no time then to decorate. We still use a real tree so I can't put it up too early. That will happen toward the end of the week.I've been trying to throw a bit of greenery and such around as I go about all the other daily activities. The other day, I worked with my houseplants to freshen them up with trims and new potting soil. This poor old guy in the living room needed quite a trim (He is old, I've had him for about 12 years now.) When all was said and done, he looked really bare. I doctored him up with some fake poinsettias and holly. I think he turned out well. (The fish? Well, he's a permanent resident on that table. I have mentioned before that our decor is "Early Aquarium", haven't I?)

Yes, that IS a reindeer nosing his way into the pic. I collect reindeer and now have about 500 or so of the antlered crew. (Yeah, I said 500!) A few more have worked their way into that corner, too. Well, when you have that many, you do look for any little space to put one!

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