Monday, December 13, 2010

Death of a Modem

Forgive me, Dear Readers, for I have not blogged in several weeks. I've tried. I really have, but the powers that be have thrown obstacle after obstacle in my way.

First, it was deluge of orders that kept me very busy (not a bad thing!), then The Big Guy was home, underfoot again, for a week, etc. etc. The final straw last week was the death of our beloved modem. We lived without internet access for several days. It was hard - so very, very hard. I began paging through the Yellow Pages looking for a 12-step program but was forced to make do with just finding other "offline" activities. It's amazing what you can get done when the computer is not beckoning with its glitzy connection to the outside world.

The Big Guy was in even more crisis. He returned to work last week for the "on" cycle of his rotating schedule only to find he'd lost all network capabilities there, too. He felt like a marked man. It had been a gradual process. A few cycles back, he'd returned to the office to find his e-mail not functioning. Then, the last time some of his apps had not worked. Now, nothing. (That'll teach him to spend so much time at home with me!) Did I mention he's an Instrument Tech and that a large portion of those duties are computer related?

He spent the week getting everything back online in the office and, finally, on Friday, got our new modem installed and up and running here at home. My hero!! We were, once again, reconnected. (He was truly motivated at that point as he was out of Sodoku puzzles! )

Isn't it attractive?

I've been making little memo notes for myself about things I wanted to blog about. Some are now simply outdated and will be tossed. Some, I'll get to in the next few days. If time permits, I may be posting several small posts per day here and there. In any case, I plan to be present - daily- once again.

Hello again, Blogworld!!

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