Sunday, September 12, 2010

A fairly quiet and laid back weekend -

So, like so many weekends, it didn't go exactly as planned.

Friday fizzled a bit when we went to a local annual festival where we've always enjoyed the food and music. The food wasn't quite as good as in past years and the first of two bands definitely fell into the "not ready for prime time" category. For the first time in 12 to 15 years, we actually left because we weren't happy with the music. We were not familiar with the second band for the night but we just couldn't sit through another hour or so of that first one to find out about them. We came home, ordered up a movie On Demand and settled in for the evening.

By the way, I highly recommend "Inglorious Bastards" to all who may not have seen it yet. I can fully understand why it got nominated for so many awards.

We had a full day planned for Saturday but I got up and turned on the memorial service for Flight 93 up in Somerset County. Just as we could not peel ourselves away from the news coverage for days back in 2001, I could not bring myself to turn this one off either. I was impressed and moved by the comments of Pennsylvania's Governor Rendell, Laura Bush and Michelle Obama. All spoke from the heart and I was, in fact, moved to tears once again. I then watched the replay of President Obama's speech at the Pentagon. To be honest, it did not compare. I chose not to watch any of the New York coverage.
Quite a few hours later than our original plan, we returned to the park for more of the festival. (We knew the bands scheduled for Saturday.) We made it in time for another 9-11 ceremony by the local American Legion and a touching dedication of a new American flag for the park. A local family chose to donate the flag from their father's military funeral to the cause. It was raised with much pomp and circumstance and then lowered to half mast to honor those lost on 9-11.We stayed for a bit of music following these events and then moved on to a friend's home nearby for a short visit, refreshments and some great conversation. We then moved on to another rendezvous with yet some other friends for the evening and didn't make it home till the wee hours.

Sunday dawned rainy and gray. The light rains continued throughout the day. Again, we made adjustments to our plans. Instead of outside activities, we went to breakfast and then spent the day watching football. It was just prep for our team's game on Monday night football this week.

Hope y'all had a more exciting weekend than I did.

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