Friday, September 25, 2009

What's in your life story?

I stumbled upon an absolutely compelling blog the other night. Since it was after midnight, I intended to shut down the computer, read a little of the mystery I’ve been working my way through and go to bed. Then, I clicked on dvmswife on the bloglist of one of my regular bloggers.

I was immediately sucked in by the candid, straightforward style with which Amy bared her soul as she revealed the frightening, traumatic story of a medical emergency in their family and the impact it has since had on their lifestyle. I was captivated by her honesty and the way she exposes her emotions throughout this journey. It’s a page-turner (or is that a post-digger?) I pushed on through the Older Posts for over 90 minutes! I found it drawing me in as well as any of the mysteries I’ve been reading lately. I wanted to know what was happening in my new friend’s life and wondered how I could help ease her burden. I can’t wait for the next installment.

As with so many of life’s upheavals, this one made Amy and her husband look at their lives, both individually and as a family. Early on in this involuntary adventure, she recalls a discussion with her husband where he asked:

“If you were to write a book about your life, would anyone buy your book, open it up, sit down and truly read it page for page? Would your life appear at all interesting to a complete stranger? Would you tell how you lived each day to the fullest possible? “ --Amy - (posted 8/7/09)

Have you ever asked yourself this? What would your answer be?

In another post, Amy asks “Is it possible to run out of tears?” I recently asked myself a similar question.

Lots of food for thought here. Take your time.

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Joan said...

Wow ~ following Amy now. What a story...