Thursday, September 17, 2009

"Light my sire!" {oops, "fire"}

Just a quick blurb as I'm really short on time today! I may be back later tonight with more of a chat but then, maybe not.

We're supposed to be completely packed for our week at the beach by tomorrow afternoon and I've been dawdling and now I'm in a time crunch. So much to do!

Of course, I'd do better if this danged computer didn't call out my name every time I go through the room. It's just so damned alluring. It calls my name in this low, sultry tone, urging me to come closer. It whispers, "Just come here for a sec..."

Okay, willpower is NOT my strong point!

Embarrassment can go a good distance though. I think Twitter needs an edit button for those of us who don't do a lot of proofing before hitting the "send" button.

I sent this one out a few moments ago:
"Somebody light a sire under me, please. I have so much to do today and NO motivation! Help!"

Yep! I just put out a worldwide request for a "sire" to be lit beneath me! Man, would The Big Guy be surprised to read that one!

Obviously, I didn't mean "sire". I meant "fire."

So, I immediately clarified that with:
"Excuse me!! That was supposed to say "Fire" not sire! But then a lit sire could be interesting!"

And, on that note, I'm heading for the laundry room.

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