Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sunshine, Rivers and Ducks

This was my friend's last day in town and we really wanted to go out for a nice lunch before she had to leave. She's a mountain girl and just loves to soak up our warm sunshine along the water when she's here.

After a business appointment this morning, we headed out for our special meal. I pushed aside some of the fancier restaurants in town and opted instead for the sandwich shack at our favorite waterfront park.

We got some really tasty lunches and sat at a little umbrella table on the deck overlooking the point at which the Susquehanna River meets the Bush River and the Chesapeake Bay. It was an absolutely beautiful day with temps hovering around 80 and just the slightest of breezes.
The restaurant sits on the parking lot of a small marina and the boats sparkled in the sunshine. A wooden boardwalk-like promenade runs for about a mile and half, starting from the parking lot, going around the point and along the edge of the coastline to one of the original lighthouses from this area. There's an endless stream of walkers ranging from elderly folks with canes to young moms with babies in strollers walking the boards on any given day. The water is shallow along the boardwalk and the ducks, seagulls and a variety of other critters entertain the masses with their water antics and loud squawks and calls.

We stopped to watch the ducks and we found one of my neighbors taking her daily stroll and chatted for a bit. It was truly a beautiful afternoon and I decided to share some of those sights with you tonight.
You've heard of the Ugly Daschund but do you think these ducks will notice that gull encroaching on their territory?

This guy seemed to think he was the dockmaster and sat at his post letting out some super loud shrieks and calls. Some appeared to take all the strength he could muster to shout them out! His whole body would get into the act! We loved watching him.

It was just so peaceful there, we hated to leave!

This is the same park that The Big Guy and I used to go have lunch in after his PT appointments last Fall when he had his knee surgery.

Today's lunch reminded me how much I enjoyed those lunches.

Here's hoping y'all had wonderful weather and got a chance to get out and enjoy it.

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