Friday, August 7, 2009

I finally got the "Gone Fishin'" denim shorts set listed in my shop yesterday. I gave you all a preview of this one a few weeks back. I designed it for one of the little ones in the family and. based on its reception there, decided to include it in my inventory. The shop listing includes a long pants version if preferred.
I've got quite a few new items ready to list and had planned to add one piece per day but you know what they say about well-made plans. (I also planned to start listing Christmas items beginning on the first of August! ) Maybe I'll get back on track by this time next week.
We had also planned to attend the Riverfront Blues Festival in Wilmington, Delaware this weekend but probably won't get there at all. This event, one of the bigger East Coast blues festivals, has always conflicted with one of our BBQ contest judging events and we have never managed to get there. This year, they were going to be on consecutive weekends as the BBQ event takes place on the 2nd Friday as opposed to the 2nd weekend of August. Thanks to the 1st falling on a Saturday, we were finally getting our opportunity. But life threw us a curve ball.

An unexpected death in the immediate family has turned our week upside down. Instead of preparing to attend the festival tonight, I'm heading for the airport to pick up incoming family. We will be gathering at the funeral home on Sunday with a military funeral scheduled for Monday. For this reason, I may be a little scarce around here, too, but I'll get back when I can over the weekend and expect to be back on schedule by Wednesday.

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