Friday, August 28, 2009

Baby, it's wet here, today!!!

Anyone for deep sea diving? It's been raining, off and on, since about midnight last night. By 6 a.m., our area had received between 3 and 6 inches of rain in that 6 hours!! There's a possibility of getting another 3 before all is said and done. It's getting soggy here!!
We're judging a BBQ contest in the morning and I'm hoping they won't close one of the main roads we plan to use due to flooding. It runs right along the shore of the Susquehanna River and tends to flood fairly easily. The trip is about 1 hour and 15 minutes going that way and probably 2 hours if we go "the long way." There's always a chance some of the alternative road will have some flooding as I'm just not that familiar with that route. Keep your fingers crossed for us.

This week's event is in New Holland, PA (just outside of Lancaster). I definitely feel sorry for our friends who are participating on the cooking teams. It makes for a long, tough weekend even in the best of weather. Throw in a monsoon and some wind, and keeping the temps constant on thier smokers becomes a constant chore. This particular contest takes place on a grassy field so I suppose there will be some major mud puddles and stuck vehicles. The smokers used in competitive barbecuing are HEAVY and a little hard to manuever into place on dry ground let alone in mud. There will be 72 very wet, muddy and tired cook teams vying for top honors so it's the least we can do to slosh through the puddles and taste their products.
All this damp weather is a gift from Tropical Storm Danny who is passing very close to the coast this weekend. The weather guys believe he won't morph into a full-blown hurricane and will remain more of a nusiance storm as he passes by. We've had it easy this year when it comes to tropical storms and such so, of course, none of us are prepared. Let's hope they're right!!

I showed you some of my newer listings yesterday. Those were the holiday oriented pieces. Today, I thought I'd share some of the everyday type products I've added to the shop this week.

The "Bingo" shirt is part of a 2-piece set that includes denim jeans with the letters "B-I-N-G-O" scattered all over them. Don't all toddlers love to sing the "Bingo" song?

Remember how much fun it was to ride a stick horse and gallop around the house? Now, your little one can gallop to their heart's delight without knocking everything over with that darn stick behind them!!
This is the firswt sleeper I've ever offered in the shop.

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missbmckay said...

your work is so adorable! I love the feeding fish too. cute addition!