Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Is it still February? (Feels like April!)

Okay ---
Posting every day in February hasn't worked out well either. Has it ? I may have to go for March for that new beginning.

Seriously, I could give a long list of where my time has gone, but, suffice it to say, I've been busy. Seems good weather takes away those long dull winter days that never seem to end and lend themselves so well to playing, er, make that "working", online. Instead, the warmer air and bright sunshine beckon us to venture out, and, "venture" we did !

Instead of gingerly making our way out on icy roads, only going as far as necessary and coming home to hole up against the cold, we've made day trips, visited friends and even took another mini-vacation. We finally worked that Williamsburg, Va trip into our busy schedule.

That trip was sort of a spur of the moment move. I suggested it to The Big Guy about 9:30 on a warm, sunny Friday morning and we were packed and on the road by noon. You'd think after several decades with me, he'd learn to approach my brainstorms with caution but he was quick to agree.

It was a beautiful day for a scenic drive. By the time we got there and checked into our hotel, it was time for dinner and that was our big activity of the night. We went to one of our favorites, Captain George's Seafood Smorgasboard. This is one of the best spreads anywhere (and we've checked out quite a few!) They also have locations in Virginia Beach, Myrtle Beach and Kill Devil Hills. Dinner was fantastic, as always. Good thing, because the rest of the trip was a bust!

Well, at least the Williamsburg portion. My original plan was to go out for dinner on Friday (I used that as bait to get The Big Guy to make the trip!) and then, on Saturday, I wanted to go to The Pottery (the Grandaddy of all outlet shopping in the East) to shop for a few hours.

All the tourist literature I picked up down there indicated The Pottery was under renovation but was open during construction. I checked carefully to see how early they opened on Saturday and we were on schedule to get there when they opened the gate at 9 a.m. About a block before we got there, I was glancing through one last visitor's guide I'd picked up at breakfast and came across an ad that said The Pottery would be closed in February for construction. Uh Oh. It happened to be February 4th !!

About that time, the gate came into sight with a big banner reading, "See you in March!!" I really was quite proud of my man. He simply sighed, very loudly, and said, "What now?" I recovered quickly, pointing out that there is a standard outlet mall just across the road and the store he normally buys his jeans at was in that mall. He needed jeans, didn't he? After waiting until those stores opened at 10, he did, in fact, buy two pairs of jeans. We picked up a Ravens sweatshirt for one of the kids at a fantastic price and I bought a pair of shoes at the Croc outlet. (Of course, all those outlet stores, except for the Croc store, are also at the outlet mall near home. We didn't need to travel 4 1/2 hours to get there.)

Okay, it was now 11 a.m. and we were done. So, we headed toward home. Not much conversation at that point. When he finally calmed down and spoke, he suggested we drop in and visit with my cousin in Northern Virginia. She's had a lot of medical problems this year and has been tied to the house for most of the last 9-10 months so we haven't seen much of them.

We did stop and visit for an hour or so and we really enjoyed seeing them. I guess it did give our trip purpose and made it all worthwhile.

An added plus was when we were leaving their house, only a block or two down the road, we came across a flock of turkey vultures and a beautiful bald eagle working on a deer carcass right at the side of the road. That's the closest I've ever come to an eagle in the wild! So, all in all, it was a good trip!

What do you think my odds are of getting him to go back in March so I can shop at The Pottery?

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Kir Gallo said...

I think you woould have to give him a good reason like you left your kidney in one of the baothrooms and just HAVE to go back! Following bavk!