Thursday, October 13, 2011

Chores and a friend's give-away, too!

I've been quite busy the last few days and have had trouble finding time to sit down to post. I've been scrambling to produce merchandise, fill a few orders and keep up with our daily lives in general.

Don't you often wonder who really wears all those clothes that end up in your hamper each week? I sure do. Seems laundry takes a disproportionate amount of my time. While we're wondering, who actually dirties all those dishes, too, and where on earth does all that dust come from? And now, we need to start thinking about holiday shopping, too!!! I need more hours in my day!!!!


Only a couple days left
to enter my friend's give-away featuring NINE (yep, 9 !!) great items for both your sweet little one and Mommy, too. (Did I tell you one of those prizes is a turkey apron from my shop? You can get it to fit either your little gal or Mommy.) Just take a gander at all that loot -- (ALL of it goes to ONE winner!!)

I told you about this one a few days ago and, at last check, the odds of winning look pretty good. There haven't been that many entries, yet! Can you believe it? One of the blogosphere's best kept secrets, I guess!

Entering is really easy.

Just go to Brianna Bean's blog here and follow the easy steps to get your name in the running.

Talk about getting a leg up on Christmas shopping!!!

Hurry!!! The last day to enter the Give-Away is October 15th!!

Don't miss this great opportunity!

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Kim said...

I agree with the laundry thing. I am convinced that someone sneaks in while I'm sleeping and dumps my closet directly in the hamper!