Sunday, October 2, 2011

I had pumpkins on my mind today. I guess the colder temps and football on TV for hours made me feel like Fall. So, I baked a pumpkin cake.

All the time I was working on the cake, I was singing this childhood song to myself. I was really surprised that I remembered the words AND the little hand movements that went with it ! Did you sing this one as a child?

Five little pumpkins sitting on a gate, (Hold your hands up)
The first one said "oh my its getting late,"
(Put your hands on cheeks)
The second one said "there's a chill in the air,"
(Hug yourself)
The third one said "but we don't care,"
(Shrug your shoulders)
The fourth one said "we're ready for some fun,"
The fifth one said "lets run, run, run,"
(Run in place)
So woo went the wind, and out went the lights,
And the five little pumpkins rolled out of sight
(Sit down).
I know there were a bunch of other songs we sang each Fall. I just can't remember them at the moment.

Do you remember any other Autumn songs you sang as children? Have you taught them to your little ones, yet?


ConnieLou said...

That's a new one on me and I thought I knew all the "oldies but goodies"!

AsteropeBC said...

Haha, we sang the Boogie Woogie Ghost :)