Friday, June 17, 2011

What a journey!!

Whew!!! I thought I'd never get back!!!

A week or so ago, I set off to visit a few of my Blog Followers, and . . . (WOW !) what a journey it's been!

I tried dropping bread crumbs so I could find my way back, but then, you know, my neighborhood is full of seagulls and geese. Did you ever see the seagulls in Finding Nemo? They're the ones that cry, "Mine! Mine! Mine!..." and snatch every morsel as it hits the ground. So, crumbs weren't a great help. I guess I should take the GPS with me next time.

This time, I traveled far - going back to one of the first Followers to sign on to my blog - Jessica C at The Chickadee Tree. In addition to blogging about her crochet projects and crocheting in general, Jessica creates and sells chainmaille jewelry over on Artfire. Check out her earrings, bracelets and such here.If you like what you see, she's in the middle of a blog Give-Away for some chainmaille earrings. There's lots of ways to enter. Go to her blog for more info on this.

I'm also impressed with a huge crochet project she's taking on - a Tetris Blanket. Using 4" x 4" crocheted squares, Jessica plans to replicate a testris screen! Cool!! This one's gonna take a while but I look forward to seeing the finished project. (I've been a fan - er, "addict" - since the inception of the game.)Oh, yeah, in her "spare" time, Jessica is "Mom" to two little ones. Talk about a busy and creative lady!!!

Of course, before leaving Jessica, I needed to check out some of the sites on her bloglist - and, well . . . time really got away from me. That, and meandering from one to the other kind of headed me off in various directions and wandering around in circles and -- Well, let's just say a "momentary browser failure" helped me find my way out!!

So, if you have a few minutes (or just want to try to win those earrings) check out Jessica's blog. (You can enter for her Give-Away through June 30th.)


Jessica C. said...

Testing...testing...This thing on? :o) Thank you for blogging about the giveaway. I'm really hoping these earrings go to a good home. I certainly enjoyed making them. The Tetris Blanket is coming along well. I'll be posting an update on that soon. Just need to get the toddler to sleep first. :o) Good luck in the contest!

Ramblin Mama said...

Yea!! My "comments" button must be working again!!

ScribblesAndShots said...

Tetris blanket is such a cool idea!! And I love those earings :)