Thursday, April 14, 2011


It's been a long road trip and it seems much longer when one doesn't have internet service the whole time!!

I missed y'all!!!

I've got all kinds of things to tell you but, for now, I'll just give you a view of the road trip itself.

We started out in snow in Western Pennsylvania and Ohio:

After the first evening with about an inch of snow in PA, the weatherman sort of inferred we'd drive out of the mess along about Pittsburgh. Well, we didn't. The roads were fine - perfectly clear, but there were places along the Ohio Turnpike with several inches of snow on the grassy areas and the skies did not look promising at all. Okay, they were actually a bit threatening!

We found sunshine and something resembling Spring as we entered Indiana. We started relaxing and enjoying the weather.

And then...

We checked out the rising Mississippi in Davenport, Iowa. My camera doesn't do well at night but this is a shot of the sidewalk and street at the entrance to Rythym City Casino. The water on the roadway was several inches deep and that's a sand bag wall behind the stop sign. That's the first time I've ever been close enough to touch the sand bags!

We woke up to a new world the next day, driving in beautiful sunshine as we crossed Iowa.

Nebraska welcomed us to "The Good Life" as we crossed the old Mormon Bridge on I-680 (I mean, what could be better than visiting the birthplace of Arbor Day?!?) We did find warmth, sunshine and true signs of Spring there. Yep, "the good life" felt good !
We did NOT see any snow on the way home. We even saw green grass and even a few forsythias in Ohio this week. It rained from the Ohio/Pennsylvania border all the way home (at least it WASN'T snow!!!)

I'm happy here at home, nestled in among our bright yellow forsythias, daffodils and even some tulips. Our saucer magnolia is in bloom. There are many flowering trees brightening the scenery all around us.

I think Spring is here in Maryland.

It's good to be home.

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