Sunday, January 8, 2012

Tomato/ tomahto , Resolutions/Goals - Let's just say, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

I KNOW I'm a week late, but I really truly want to wish all of you

A very Happy, Healthy, Successful
and, most of all,




Seriously, it's that time of year again. Time to push, pull and coax out the OLD and pull in and welcome the NEW !

Like most of you, I sit back and assess the year past and anticipate what can be better in the fresh, new year. I do not make resolutions but I do set goals. "So," you might ask, "what's the diff'?" Of course, this is just MY interpretation but I see "resolutions" as great, conspicuous, iron clad declarations of exact actions you will or will not take in the new year. Like diets, they are easy to break and, once broken, like Humpty Dumpty, are difficult to put back together, not even with the help of all the king's men!

On the other hand, a "goal" is something one aspires to attain. It is usually a long-term project and there is usually more than one road to accomplish a goal. As reaching toward a goal is an ongoing, ever evolving process, a misstep does not equal total failure but is simply a bump in the road. I keep pushing toward the target even if here are numerous obstacles along the way.
BUT, to each they own. Call them what you will, they represent a desired change for the New Year.

I basically wrote out six precise goals this time around. Perhaps sharing them here will help me stick to them. (For the record, the month is only a week old and I've already had mixed success.)

1. Start my Easter planning by mid-January. I am NEVER prepared (merchandise wise OR candy-making wise).

2. Don't just mark birthdays on the calendar but look at it each week and actually send the cards ON TIME. (If it wasn't for FB, I'd never be sending wishes to anybody on the right day!)

3. Definitely check in with "the old folks" at least every other week and visit at least every 6 weeks. (I only have 2 aunts and an uncle still with us and they all live in the same retirement community less than 10 miles from our house, so this is important. I make this goal every year and I generally lose track along about July!)

4. Get back to posting to my blog daily. I had been doing so well but I only posted once or twice in December! I drafted but never "published." I'm so down about that!

5. Do something with all those "story ideas" I keep noting in my idea book. It's been ages since I wrote any fiction.

6. Organize all my loose notes!!!!

Obviously, one of my weak follow-throughs has been the bit about posting DAILY. I'm really aiming at doing better. Maybe I should start out a little slower and at least try to post once a week for the first month! Let's see how that goes, then, maybe, I can build from there!

I have, really, done better with the birthday thing! There have been four birthdays so far this month and I've actually managed to remember to call or at least post on all of their their FB walls on the right day!!! Granted, I haven't physically sent cards but I did touch base with them on time!!

As for the others, I really must deal with Valentine's Day before I can think Easter! (I have actually listed a few Valentine items in the shop already so I'm working toward this one.) I admit I haven't taken any steps toward the rest of these - YET ! But I will, I'm sure I will - eventually.

So, who else wants to share some goals, resolutions, what have you?

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