Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hot !!! Hot !!! Hot !!!

They say ladies don't sweat they glow. Well my glow is rather drippy today!Baby, it's hot out there. Not just HOT, but really HOT. I mean, really really HOT !!!!

It's just too warm to do much of anything but loll around in front of the air conditioner vents and drink cold beverages. Not lucky enough to have AC? Find the coolest shady spot you can. Pray for a breeze and slurp something cold.
I'd try splashing some water on me, but then I'm haunted by images of the Wicked Witch of the East crying, "I'm melting!!!" Besides, I'm already pretty damp.

Yep! That's about how I felt after venturing out on an errand today - like a wet spot on the floor!

This heat wave began Sunday and hasn't let up yet. Night time temps have only dropped into the 80s so there really hasn't been much cooling at night.(It's almost midnight and we are still at 91 degrees!) Tonight they're hoping we will actually dive into the 70s and may only reach a high in the mid-90s tomorrow. One can only hope.

I fully expected to post here on Sunday night after a busy, very full weekend, but I dealt with the sweltering temps that day with frozen margaritas consumed at an 8-hour long party. I wasn't much into writing that evening! (I wasn't really noticing the heat so much though!)

Monday was another full day of celebrating and by then the heat was really getting to us. I really haven't done much. The heat has simply zapped all of my energy even indoors.

We're keeping our fingers crossed for tomorrow. I'd love to be able to cook for dinner again. It's just been too hot to generate any heat in the kitchen and waaay too hot to bother with the grill outside. Even when we do get the meal prepared, it's simply too hot to eat.

Here's hoping y'all are staying cool!!!


Tins and Treasures said...

I'm pretty sure that I quoted this melting witch earlier this week too...try to stay cool!

Have a fabulous weekend. ~Natalie

Ramblin Mama said...

Natalie - Sorry I missed your quoting the witch. Seems I've been so busy, I'm behind on my blog reading. Hope to catch up over the weekend. It's been o hot, I didn't even want to sit and read. We're finally down below 100 today and it's still quite miserable. Hope all is going well with getting your mom settled in and her home closed up.